The Big Picture on Used Forklifts


Buying used forklifts saves money, but it also saves time and can make the entire purchase process easier. It could also yield you a more user-friendly forklift with more features.

Buying Used Saves More Than Money

You already know that buying a used forklift can save you some cash, but there are many other benefits to buying used that you may not have thought about. If you’re considering whether or not you should purchase a used forklift for sale, remember that doing so offers these benefits in addition to cost savings.

Save Training Time

Modern technology allows forklift manufacturer to add features to their lifts all the time. While these advances often offer many advantageous features, they also add a learning curve. Most of your forklift operators are likely already practiced experts at running forklift equipment. Brand new machines, however, come with more gadgets and buttons and many require extensive training programs before operation. Used forklifts save time by allowing you to put them into service right away, without waiting for employees to complete potentially lengthy training.

Save Buying Time

Buying a used forklift lets you put the machine into service more quickly, but it also can make the buying process itself faster. New forklifts aren’t cheap, and buying them often requires financing. As a result, purchasing a new forklift involves the time you spend shopping as well as any time you spend negotiating for a lower price and then finding a financing company who offers terms you can live with. This sometimes requires multiple credit applications and lots of haggling that may not be necessary. The price of a used forklift often makes financing the purchase significantly easier and faster.

Up Your Game

Buying used may allow you to get more forklift for your money. While you may not need all the bells and whistles available on a brand new forklift, it’s still nice to have a few convenient features. If you’re working with a strict budget, compare the features you can get on a new unit with those you can get on a used one. A used forklift may offer you an option with features you didn’t think you would be able to get. It pays to shop around when making any major purchase. When doing so for a forklift, remember to consider used units while doing your shopping.